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    Travel and International Insurance


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    ATLAS TRAVEL®: Click Here
    For international travel, Atlas Travel insurance provides customizable coverage for travelers looking to cover specific needs while abroad.
    Designed for:
    • Travelers wanting to build a custom plan
    • Coverage balance between the essentials and more specific needs

    ATLAS GROUP®: Click Here
    Atlas Group travel medical insurance is designed to meet the needs of groups of five or more individuals traveling outside their home country for a short duration.

    Savvy business executives know that time management is critical to success. Whether you are a busy executive traveling for an important last-minute business meeting, a globe-trotting journalist covering the latest story, or an international sales professional closing big deals on every continent, Atlas MultiTrip travel medical insurance is with you almost anywhere on the planet you may go.

    STUDENTSECURE®: Click Here
    StudentSecure is international student health insurance for full-time students or scholars studying outside their home country. StudentSecure offers four levels of coverage— Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart—so you can choose the coverage and cost that best fit your needs and budget.


    GeoBlue provides peace of mind to world travelers and expats living abroad anywhere in the world via an elite network of providers, innovative mobile and online tools, and exceptional customer service. We are proud to set the standard for complete, reliable, convenient protection of your health and safety in the global community.

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